Oils, varnishes, diluents, texture pastes



Oils, varnishes, diluents and other special additions represent the auxiliary materials for artists work. They widen the opportunities for artists and help to use artistic paints more effectively.


Oils are film-forming substance in structure of oil paints, and also they are part of some kinds of diluents.


Varnishes represent solutions of natural or synthetic resins in structure of diluents, which are more often used in painting.


Oil diluents represent the group of materials, using of which requires special knowledge. And also they can be used for auxiliary needs, such as washing brushes, palettes and etc.


The texture pastes are produced on the water basis and intended for making axonometric details. After drying paste forms up the strong, permanent relief surface that can be painted with acrylic tempera, gouache or oil paints.



 Oils varnishes diluents texture pastes