News for 2016 :

20 December 2016

We have the new range of colours "White Night" series

9 December 2016

We are prolonging the terms of artwork reception of the International Art Competition for Children and teenagers "Nevskaya palitra VII"!

1 December 2016

1th of December 1934 the Leningrad Artistic Paints Plant began working. This means that today we are celebrating the birthday!

24 November 2016

19th of November 2016 the sixth Festival of design and graphics Wake Up Day took place in the creative space 'Tkachi'!

9 November 2016

Video about the new colours of extra-fine oil paints "Master Class" 

31 October 2016

Acrylic and gouache paints at Nevskaya Palitra Plant

31 October 2016

Yesterday the workshop of painting for children was held in the centre "Benua 1890".

21 October 2016

The presentation of the book Lubov' Zlobina "Evgeniy Dubitsky. Pastel Watercolours" by publish house "Planet Music" in the Gallery "Molbert"

18 October 2016

The main building of our plant in the new video - the Heart of "Nevskaya palitra"

14 October 2016

Nevskaya Palitra materials on the first birthday of ArtParty project!

10 October 2016

We present a new colors in a series of decorative acrylic paints "Decola"!

28 September 2016

26th of September 2016 in the Grand Exhibition Hall of Stieglitz Academy opened the exhibition "Watercolours. The continent from East to West". The plant "Nevskaya Palitra" became a partner of the event.

23 September 2016

New art studio Art&Me will be opened in St. Petersburg

22 September 2016

Publishing house "Planet Music" with the support of "Nevskaya Palitra" has produced a new book by Lubov' Zlobina "Evgeniy Doubitsky. Pastel watercolour ".

20 September 2016

We invite all fans of watercolour painting to visit the unique exhibition "Watercolour. Continent from east to west"!

5 September 2016

Join us in our social media!

31 August 2016

Read about "Nevskaya Palitra" in the new magazine issue "Expert North-West"!

29 August 2016

August 25th, 2016 the plant "Nevskaya Palitra" visited the exhibition opening "Ostroumova-Lebedeva - a painter and collector", which was held at the Saint Michael's Castle

25 August 2016

The new range of pastel colours in acrylic mousses of "Decola" series

16 August 2016

Artistic Paints Plant "Nevskaya Palitra" is now on Pinterest!

12 August 2016

The new in "Decola" assortiment - the acrylic mousse!

27 July 2016

The 7th International Urban Sketchers Symposium will start 27th of July in Manchester!

21 July 2016

JSC APP "Nevskaya Palitra" at the VK Fest!

7 July 2016

The workshops with "Decola" acrylic paints and liners at the City Summer Camp "Vorobyovy Gory" in Moscow!

29 June 2016

The artist Gabriele Koenigs conducted a series of workshops with watercolour paint "White Nights"

28 June 2016

June 11-13th, 2016 the 3rd Festival of Art for Children - "Children Archstoyanie" was held in the Art Park Nikola-Lenivetz.

23 June 2016

The new design of "Master Class" tempera paints

23 June 2016

Soha Khalil, a watercolour artist, made watercolour illustrations with "White Nights" paints

20 June 2016

June 18th, 2016 the festival "Orange Day" was held in the Mikhailovsky Garden

17 June 2016

June 16th, 2016 at the Center for Art and music behalf Mayakovsky was inaugurated the exhibition of the best works 2016 contest-festival "The smelt is going!"

14 June 2016

We continue to share our employees life stories. Take a look at your paints set. Perhaps Vladimir Kartashov put a piece of his work in the creation of your paints.

7 June 2016

Artistic paints plant "Nevskaya Palitra" announces the beginning of the International Art Competition "Nevskaya palitra VII"

3 June 2016

Nevskaya Palitra visited the V International exhibition of children's drawings "We don't want to fight, we want to communicate"

30 May 2016

We congratulate all of the chemical industry employee on their professional holiday - The chemist day, and we open new column - "People of Artistic Paints Plant"

24 May 2016

On May 21th, 2016 the VI Charitable North ball in the Marble hall of the Ethnographic museum has taken place

23 May 2016

May 21th and 22th, 2016 our Plant "Nevskaya Palitra" visited  "The Hermitage cat day" in the Big yard of the Winter Palace

29 April 2016

Nevskaya Palitra became a partner of the 9th annual social project "Children draw in a church" in St. Isaac's Cathedral

11 April 2016

April 7th, our plant's representatives have visited the opening of the largest Spring exhibition of painting, a sculpture and art history in St. Petersburg

24 March 2016

Products "Nevskaya Palitra" was presented at the largest exhibition in Russia "SKREPKA EXPO. SPRING 2016"

23 March 2016

Art materials for children's creativity "Cvetik" are now in a new design!

22 March 2016

JSC APP Nevskaya Palitra has provided art materals to the Festival of design and graphics “Wake Up Day”

21 March 2016

Artistic paints plant Nevskya Palitra became a sponsor for a competition "Theatre — Eyes of Children"

18 March 2016

March 17th representatives of our plant have attended a ceremonial opening of an exhibition "Circus"

18 March 2016

Sets of gouache paints "Master class" went to “Alyosha” Charity foundation on the eve of a social event "My dream"

25 February 2016

We proudly present to you a new oil patina TM "Decola"!

3 February 2016

We bring to your attention a new design gouache paints of "Master Class" series

3 February 2016

"Nevskaya palitra" presents new acrylic colours for stained glass "Decola"

2 February 2016

JSC Nevskaya Palitra is taking part at the exhibition Paperworld-2016 in Frankfurt.

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