Nevskaya Palitra announces an international video contest "My Master Class!"



The competition starts on May, 1st and runs until June, 1st, 2019.

The prize fund -  art kits for the creation of the Master Class brand in the amounts of:

  1. 1st place - 140 EUR
  2. 2nd place- 70 EUR



In each of the nominations, we will choose 2 winners (1st place and 2nd place)

We will have 10 winners in general. High chance to win!

     1. The best video clip with oil paints "Master Class" usage

     2. The best video clip with the use of acrylic paints "Master Class"

     3. The best video clip with tempera paints "Master Class" usage

     4. The best video clip with gouache paints "Master Class" usage

     5. The best video clip in a foreign language. The following videos are allowed for the competition: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian



To participate in the competition you need:

     1. To make a video review or video tutorial on the subject of creative methods of the artistic products of the Master-Class brand usage (Oil paints, Acrylic paints, Tempera paints, Gouache paints). The frame / text for the video must contain products produced by the Nevskaya Palitra- the Master-Class brand or it’s logos in any form. Logos can be provided to contest participants upon request. Video clip should have artistic value, be informative. Video duration - from 1 up to 3 minutes. Both video and animation works are accepted.

     2. Post a video clip you’ve created In your social network account: vk.com, facebook.com, instagram.com, youtube.com. Text / commentary on the video, must contain hashtags #nevskayapalitra #MyMasterClassContest2019

     3. Send a link to your post, a paragraph with it’s description, the video itself + your contact information at doronin@artpaints.ru with a copy at petunina@artpaints.ru and klenina@artpaints.ru, the subject of the letter: the contest “My Master Class!”




The prize fund and the procedure for determining the winners:

     1. On June, 3rd, 2019, the best 25 video clips (5 in each nomination) will be selected and published on the Facebook, VK and Instagram pages of the Nevskaya Palitra for open voting.

     2. According to the results of the voting on June 20, 2019 the winners will be announced - 10 videos that scored the highest number of votes on the official social pages of the Nevskaya Palitra official social networks: Facebook, Instagram and VK.