15 March 2018

The plant 'Nevskaya Palitra' took part in the annual exhibition "Skrepka Expo".

9 February 2018

The results of international watercolor contest: the plant “Nevskaya Palitra” and International Watercolor Society.

2 February 2018

On 1st February, the grand opening of the exhibition MASTERS OF WATERCOLOR 2018 was held!

31 January 2018

In the exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists will be the opening of the second exhibition of the international project “Masters of watercolor”.

27 January 2018

January 27 the plant "Nevskaya Palitra" goes to the world's largest exhibition of art, goods for hobbies and creativity CREATIVE WORLD 2018!

15 December 2017

The main novelty of 2017 is watercolours "White Nights" in tubes.

7 December 2017

The plant "Nevskaya Palitra" presents the new sets of universal liners Decola.

1 December 2017

The plant "Nevskaya Palitra" took part in the Second charity mini-football tournament in support of the charitable organization "Perspectives".

4 November 2017

From November 2 to 4, the plant "Nevskaya Palitra" took part in the educational forum "The Property of Russia: A Folk Art Culture for Children" in Moskow.

1 November 2017

The plant "Nevskaya Palitra" took part in the forum "Teachers of Russia" in Syktyvkar.

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