"Tsvetik" is a series of art materials, which are produced specially for children. We carefully check the products in this series by applying the highest standards of quality. All products in "Tsvetik" series comply with European safety standards. These paints are designed for children's studying and creativity.


"Tsvetik" watercolours with honey


"Tsvetik"  watercolours  have a wide colour chart of bright and pure paints. They are easily mix, keep color saturation and drying fast.


Sets are available in cardboard or plastic penale. Paints are available in sets of 6, 12, 14 and 24 colours, as well as in set of 24 fluorescent and pearlescent colours.




"Tsvetik"  gouache paints

"Tsvetik" gouache designed for children's art and decorative works.

Colours have excellent covering power, easy to apply on paper and cardboard. 

Gouache forms a matte velvety surface after drying.


"Tsvetik"  gouache paints are available in sets of 6, 9, 12 and 16 colours, as well as sets of 6 fluorescent colours, in sets of 6 pearl colours and in sets of 6 finger gouache colours.


"Tsvetik"  acrylic paints

"Tsvetik"  acrylic glossy paint is based on water acrylic dispersion. This paint designed for painting of decorative art works on paper, cardboard, wood, metal, leather, fabric, glass and ceramics. Acrylic paints are mixed well and dry quickly.


Available in a set of 6 colours.