«Nevskaya palitra»  has united their products for professional artists under the name «Master-class». Artists’ oil colours, acrylic, gouaches and tempera colours are included into the «Master-class» range. Due to the use of high quality raw materials and unique time tasted technology colours of «Master-class» series are the best choice for professionals.




Oil paint «Master Class»

The colour palette consists primarily of traditional colours based on natural earth, cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide pigments, and is characterized by a perfect balance of primer and finished colours. Fine-grained, dough artist’s colours of «MASTER-CLASS» series are notable for their pure colours and high lightfastness, do not change their original colour after drying, so they can be used to carry out very important, restoration works.


Complete palette of artist’s oil colours of «MASTER-CLASS» series consists of 88 colours.


Extra-fine artists' oil colours sets 6x46 ml tubes, 8x18 ml tubes, 12x18 ml tubes cardboard box  



Acrylic paint «Master Class»


Extra-­fine artists` acrylic colours "Master-Class”

are produced especially for professional artists. These colours combine traditions of manufacturing and innovation goals.

High pigment capacity and minimum ­filler content help to preserve glitter, intensity and depth of colour upon drying.

Finely-balanced colour base give the paints a rich texture and viscosity. The paints perfectly suit for traditional painting as well as for design works always assuring a perfect result.


Extra-fine artists' acrylic colours sets, 8x18 ml tubes, 12x18 ml tubes cardboard box


Extra-fine artists' acrylic colours set, 6x46 ml tubes, cardboard box



 Tempera paint «Master Class»


“MASTER-CLASS” Artists' Tempera Colours are manufactured on the base of high-quality organic and inorganic pigments and polyvinyl acetate emulsion and are the traditional materials for painting. “MASTER-CLASS” tempera colours (26 traditional colors) are available in aluminium tubes 46 ml.


Extra-fine artists' tempera colours sets, 10x46 ml tubes, 12x18 ml tubes cardboard box



Gouache paint «Master Class»


"Master Class" are high-quality artistic gouache colours made from finely ground pigments and binders with the addition of gum Arabic.
"Master Class" gouache colours are ideal for painting, decorative, and graphic work. They can be easily applied to virtually all materials with smooth surface, but are best suited for paper, cardboard, and padded canvas. After drying, they create a matte, velvety surface, and can be easily washed off with water.
The colour palette of the standard paint set is composed in accordance with methodology used in art education.


Extra-fine artists' gouache colours sets, 12x40 ml, 16x20 ml, 6x20 ml cardboard box 



  Master class