Production of modern paints


What kinds of paint exist? What are modern gouache and watercolours made of? Why do some artists prefer to create their own paints by old recipes? How does the conveyor for the production of artistic paints look? You can know about it and many other things in the story of program (2013 year) "The educational film" of "Network publication M24".






Production of art paints in the "Galileo" program


Can a digital image imitate a real painting?
How were the paints made before and how are they made now?
Find out all about this in the "Galileo" program!

The stages of the production process were filmed in the Artistic paints plant "Nevskaya palitra". You'll learn about the most important component in watercolour and oil paint. You will be able to see every step of the creation of art materials: from mixing the ingredients to packaging in tubes and pans.




Excursion to Nevskaya Palitra Plant, 2005


Saint-Petersburg with its moisture air, pearly shining river and the low northern sky makes painters be exacting to the colours, which transfer fine and elegant gradations of light.


About the watercolor paints production and not only at the excursion to Nevskaya Palitra Plant, 2005.




The film about  the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts


The documentary Channel RTD tells about the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin in the film 2015.

At the Academy are students from Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, China, Singapore, the United States. Here are all discussion only about art, because they believe: as long as there is a beauty, the peace in the world is possible.

"Nevskaya palitra" for a long time are friends with the Art Academy,  are participants in our plant program "The grant-holders".




The workshop by artist Elena Bazanova. The still life with lemon


About creation a watercolour masterpiece from painting objects with pencil to the final brush strokes in the video with workshop by artist Elena Bazanova.


"Elena told in great detail about properties of Nevskaya Palitra's paints. Some things were very helpful, even for me. This part of the workshop was also illustrated by visual colour charts and schemes."

Watercolourist Sergey Sterkhov about Elena Bazanova's workshop:



You can find the watercolour artworks by Elena Bazanova on her pages in social networks: